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"Lord Elrond is the wise, quiet one. Elros...was a force in himself." Maedhros didn't regret being at Elros' bedside in the end. When no one else had been around to see, he had paid the younger twin one last visit. "He is loved even now, by those who remember him." The number didn't matter. Even if he was the last who had known Elros, he would be content to know that memory hadn't died.

"Then you will not be alone. You will not need to ever fight against Shadow by yourself." Perhaps he was condemning himself and many others. But he'd set his course with his offer and would stick to it till the end.

And yes, Elrond, he saw you peek in before ducking back out.

He bowed his head. "I give you my life, to do with as you wish." There was a strange sense of relief with the words.
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It wouldn't surprise Maedhros if he heard Elrond had spoken little of Elros. He knew that pain couldn't be easy for Elrond. "I will tell you about him in time." A nod. "I will not forget him. Neither will his brother." There were some memories he would keep to himself, most of the darker days.

He tensed, then let out a quiet breath. "Ever perceptive." Approving, for that would help keep Aragorn alive. He nodded, quelling the unease any touch brings. "I will heal. Your ada has seen to that. And when you feel we should go, we will." Life was never dull around the sons and descendants of Eärendil.
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Aragorn would learn quickly that touch was not an easy thing for Maedhros to bear. For a time it had been easier, when Elrond and Elros had been under his immediate care. But since the Silmaril had scorched his remaining hand, it was harder than ever. Elrond's touch was one of healing and love. Aragorn's was still unknown. He didn't apologize.

"It will not be long before I am well enough to travel and fight with you." He healed quickly, and trusted the pace was quickened by Elrond's skill. "The Ring will be found and destroyed." There was no other option that he would allow while there was breath in his body. And this Man would not fall in the doing.

His lips quirked and a touch of almost affection touched his gaze. Aragorn hardly knew him and didn't want him to follow blindly into danger. "My life has not been easy since before the Sun and Moon rose. There is no reason that should change now, only that I have more reason than ever to go out on the beaten and unbeaten path.

"Lord Elrond is having my clothing and armor mended as we speak." Quite possibly himself. "They will be ready when we are."
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What Aragorn did not know, Maedhros probably did. He would give his knowledge to Aragorn as they went, helping steer him true. It could be helpful to have an Elf as old as Maedhros at one's side!

He watched the pacing, understanding the need and wishing he could do the same. It would make Elrond fuss, and Aragorn as well. So he stayed still in his sickbed, willing his body to settle.

"There are paths few know into Mordor. When the time comes, we will find them." He raised a brow. "I will not stay here, for if I stay too long, there is no doubt in my mind Sauron will find me and lay waste to all that is beautiful and serene about this Valley."

His gaze hardened and he shook his head. "No. I will leave these borders soon. They are already defended, and the Lord of this Valley knows it. My bond was closer to Elros, Aragorn, though I love Elrond dearly." More than he could say. "I ask nothing of you except to let me keep you as safe as is possible while doing what is needed."
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Aragorn was not the sort of Man to act on such a wish. He was a Good Man, which Maedhros could see already. He didn't see fighting at Aragorn's side as an obligation. He wanted to be there, knowing that with Aragorn's Light, good things could only happen. Aragorn was estel.

"I may know more," he allowed. "Not many, I am sure." How better to spy on one's enemy than to find ways unseen into that stronghold?

A hint of a flush touched the Elf's ears. "I believe it to be the other way around. You inspire hope without expecting it or keeping any for yourself." There was much he could discern from the Man by even a short conversation, and just how well he'd once known Elrond and Elros.

"He made his choice," he answered simply. "I am glad to have had the chance to bid him farewell.

"Nor will I abandon you."