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All prompts welcome~
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He goes out into the Wild to learn what it is to be a Man, and more, to learn how to be a leader of Men, one who his people will follow, to death or glory.

It is necessary.

She knows this.

For centuries every Dunedain mother, every Dunedain wife, has faced this same abyss, to guard the home while her loved ones go out. For centuries, Dunedain women have let their sons and daughters and husbands and brothers go to war, and waited.

It makes the waiting no easier.

Aragorn goes out into the Wild and every time he returns Gilraen is a little more worn, a little more tired, a little more old.

But she still manages to smile for him when he comes home.

"Welcome home, Aragorn."

Her hands are still firm, but there is a tremor to them now, that was not there when he left.
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Someone was going to suffer as soon as he figured out who. Last thing he remembered was tripping over a tree root on the planet breaking up beneath him and suddenly he fell face first onto a paved street. The undignified face plant he just did was the least of his worries as he looked around. There was no snow and the ground was steady under his feet.

He touched the pocket of his greatcoat, glad to feel the familiar weight of his blaster there. These people looked primitive though, it was like he suddenly found himself on Yavin or Endor. Hopefully there weren't any Ewoks lurking somewhere.

He wasn't sure how this happened but he was going to blame Ren even if he wasn't directly responsible. It felt good to have a target of his anger but he kept his expression calm as what he assumed were two guards approached him. Their weapons were positively ancient, no one really used swords like that since before even the Old Republic.

He didn't protest when they lead him to the castle to meet with a king but Hux wasn't impressed as he stepped into the throne room. It almost reminded him of holos he had seen of Naboo in terms of the architecture. He supposed all he could was wait for this king though he bristled at the idea of having to wait for someone else, especially if they had somehow managed to kidnap him.

Establishing boundaries would be important and Hux decided to take a seat on the empty throne, crossing his legs casually as he waited. There would be no doubt who was in charge here. He slipped out his datapad to pull up information while he waited, glad it worked but he couldn't connect to anything which was frustrating.
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She smiles and folds her hands in his, pressing a kiss to his brow and drawing him close.

"I do well enough, my son. You are back unlooked for - did you errand go well?"
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Hux looked up as someone entered, almost looking bored. He had to be careful to not appear weak, holding up a finger for Aragorn to wait for a moment as he switched off his datapad before looking up once more.

"Not particularly," he said as he leaned back, taking in Aragorn's appearance thoughtfully.

"I was hoping you could tell me. I assume you or one of your people brought me here and have a plan for what happens next. Usually you should have a plan when you kidnap someone," he said bluntly. "I've never heard of your people, what star system is this?"
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"So you brought me here either to show the First Order that you could or just for your own amusement? Either way, it was a poor decision," he remarked as he stood, approaching Aragorn. He wasn't sure if this man was a Force user but Hux wasn't an expert in the matter.

"Tell me the name of your stars," he said as he took out his datapad, inputing 'Arda' into the galactic map search but nothing came up. "Now, Aragorn, tell me what happens next. If you didn't have a plan before, you better have now."

If Aragorn didn't realize who he had, Hux wasn't going to let him have that information. It would be giving this king more power if it came down to negotiations.
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"Someone did and I doubt it was without a reason. You can deny it if you wish but I suggest you remain on my good side. It will make all the difference in the future of your people and your planet," he remarked as he slipped his datapad back into his pocket.

"My name is Hux, I serve on the star destroyer Finalizer." No rank, he wouldn't give this king any such satisfaction of knowing he had a general. He looked amused when Aragorn touched the hilt of his sword, he doubted it was a lightsaber.

"I don't know, I've seen rulers of star systems make...unfortunate decisions before. One piece of advice I will give you is not to bother with your sword if it's just metal. It wouldn't end well for you." Hux may be a bridge commander but he was certain that a blaster was far more effective.
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"Well that answers that. This planet seems to be cut off if you didn't know star destroyer refers to a classification of warship," Hux commented with a frown. It was rare, even in the Unknown Regions, to come across a system or planet is isolated. "They don't have the power to literally destroy stars." Yet.

He had destroyed stars but this wasn't the time to go into details. "Oh, I don't need to do anything. But when I give the recommendation of what to with this planet, you don't want me to be annoyed. Now, where are my quarters? I expect someone will also show me around in due course."
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Aragorn might be drawn by raised voices, to one of the rooms of Healing in Imladris. One voice was Elrond's, the other would be that of a stranger. If the Man approached the room, he'd hear Elrond threatening {in Quenya, rather than Sindarin} the stranger with singing him asleep if he kept struggling and trying to flee.

If Aragorn crept a bit closer... he'd hear a sigh and the strange voice softened, affection touching the wry answer. "You would. Very well. Do as you wish."

There was quiet after that, only the familiar soft sounds of the Master Healer at work in fixing up the wounds of any who came injured to the Valley. Eventually Elrond left, sweeping down the halls away, leaving the Healing room swathed in warm, healing energy.
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Fortunately for Maedhros, Elrond hadn't needed to make him sleep despite his threat. But he was resting, laying quietly under sheets with his chest and whole arm well wrapped, along with a few shallow cuts healing on his face.

He heard quiet steps slip into his room but feigned sleep to see just who had the courage to sneak in. On the table, Aragorn would find a long sword that looked brand new, yet had the sense of having seen many Ages. No clothing, for Elrond had taken it with him for cleaning and mending.

A few sneaky glances of his own showed him a young Man. And so he spoke up, using the Common Tongue. "And who might my visitor be?"
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Gilraen's worry is eased by his assurance, and her smile is very fond.

"Thank you, my son. As thoughtful as ever, I see."

She does not ask for news beyond that - in secrecy lies still their greatest strength, and even if Aragorn walks now as Arathorn's son, best not to say too much, just in case.

"Will you be staying long, this time?"
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That sword had served Maedhros well, he relied on it just as he relied on his brother. The battle he'd been in had been necessary. Helping at the edges, where reinforcements might be bogged down before they could even reach their comrades. Then he had taken more wounds than normal and lost consciousness, finding himself picked up by the same people he'd protected and brought to the last place he felt he should be.

Imladris. He'd woken to find Elrond himself tending him. Hence the half-hearted arguing before he'd caved to his foster-son's stubborn mercies.

The familiar eyes startled him and he had to wonder. Elrond's own concern shined in this youth and he could only respond to it. "You are not."

A smile touched weary eyes, his lips twitched. "Estel? An interesting name."
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And Elros, the Elf suspected. Those eyes were too close to the twins' to not be descended from one. Maedhros held himself still under the gentle touches, expression unreadable.

"Lord Elrond ensured I am not." Not enough to speak of. "Then your arrival here signified estel for him. I think it appropriate." The likely connection to Elros alone would make it so.
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The salve wasn't technically necessary, but Maedhros recognized Aragorn felt the need to do something, anything. And it was soothing, he recognized Elrond's mix in the effect.

That proved his theory. He'd been there that day too. But his efforts had been in vain and he'd yet to forgive himself his failure. If not for Elrond's own sons... "I am grateful you and your mother were not slain."

Elrond had always been kind, even when he had less reason to be.

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