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All prompts welcome~
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"That is well. I find that I struggle a little to manage, when the weather turns colder. It will be good to have both your skills and your muscles, hm?"

She teases him fondly, and tsks at his impatient beast.

"Ah now, you stubborn mule. There will be carrots in your mash, later, but let your poor master unload you first!"
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She accepts them with a smile and tosses her head pertly.

"That is because he is spoilt. But the harvest was good, this year. There is bran enough to give him hot mash as a reward, I think!"

And despite her words, she reaches up to scratch his nose fondly, pleased that he has brough his master home safely.

"And you should come inside and warm yourself by the fire. I will start on a meal, and you can tell me of your adventures - insofar as you can."