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Mailbox/Voicemail {Ruby City}

"Tell me what is on your mind."

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[Aragorn will find that there is a wrapped box on his doorstep. Atop the gold and white wrapped box is a card. Written in elegant Japanese kanji is the word "thank you" on the front with "thank you" written in English underneath. Inside the card reads in English:

Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for me.

- Ritsuka Aoyagi

P.S. It's called a katana, but it's actually much bigger than this.

It's not very long, and it's not very eloquent, mostly because Ritsuka isn't very good at that sort of thing.

If Aragorn opens the present, inside is a katana-shaped letter opener.]
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[He blushes at the gentle touch, still not used to it, despite everyone being so prone to it in Ruby City. His ears bend back and his tail swishes. At the elvish word, his ears perk.]

I... I'm really glad. I didn't know if you would... like I mean... I don't... think I could give you a real sword, I don't... I mean that seems like something you'd have to pick out on your own, right?
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[It's a heart he's terrified of showing. It's a heart that's been hurt so often despite being so young. He looks at Aragorn and his ears bend down.]

Uh... a friend of yours suggested the sword... I sort of... well good. I'm glad you don't have one. [But then again, they don't really get mail...] The katana is a sword from my country, warriors called samurai are the most famous for using them.
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Uh... Someone Ted Stark? [Or was it Ned? Fred? It was something short.] Is... he not a friend?

Oh it's thin, but the metal is actually folded, removing impurities in the metal.
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Uh... yeah, him... I guess. I do, though thankfully the manor wasn't affected too badly. [Which, since Ritsuka was still healing, he would literally have to be carried to safety.] Ouch... he's... okay now though, right?

Really? They look more like Western- I mean... uh, things like long swords though, right?