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Aragorn II Elessar ([personal profile] rangerandking) wrote 2016-11-08 02:35 am (UTC)

"I am certain you do." he knew he would journey to that Dark land far faster with Maedhros's aid and leave it far quicker, yet this Darkness was, in part, thanks to his family. It was up to him to see it extinguished; whoever followed him, he would defend with his life if need be, but they would be in constant peril for an unknown period of time.

"I have no right to keep it for myself." Aragorn laid another blanket at the foot of the bed in case Maedhros felt a chill, "Do you truly think he left you completely?" his smile was shy, but warm, "My father, Arathorn, has not left my mother or myself. Our bodies are indeed mortal; that is not so for our spirits."

He bowed his head, removing a pendant from his shirt. It was one he had made. The craftsmanship was not up to Elven standards, yet he liked the shape of it - a silver feathered arrow set with a white stone. He laid it on Maedhros's chest.

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