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All prompts welcome~
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He goes out into the Wild to learn what it is to be a Man, and more, to learn how to be a leader of Men, one who his people will follow, to death or glory.

It is necessary.

She knows this.

For centuries every Dunedain mother, every Dunedain wife, has faced this same abyss, to guard the home while her loved ones go out. For centuries, Dunedain women have let their sons and daughters and husbands and brothers go to war, and waited.

It makes the waiting no easier.

Aragorn goes out into the Wild and every time he returns Gilraen is a little more worn, a little more tired, a little more old.

But she still manages to smile for him when he comes home.

"Welcome home, Aragorn."

Her hands are still firm, but there is a tremor to them now, that was not there when he left.
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Someone was going to suffer as soon as he figured out who. Last thing he remembered was tripping over a tree root on the planet breaking up beneath him and suddenly he fell face first onto a paved street. The undignified face plant he just did was the least of his worries as he looked around. There was no snow and the ground was steady under his feet.

He touched the pocket of his greatcoat, glad to feel the familiar weight of his blaster there. These people looked primitive though, it was like he suddenly found himself on Yavin or Endor. Hopefully there weren't any Ewoks lurking somewhere.

He wasn't sure how this happened but he was going to blame Ren even if he wasn't directly responsible. It felt good to have a target of his anger but he kept his expression calm as what he assumed were two guards approached him. Their weapons were positively ancient, no one really used swords like that since before even the Old Republic.

He didn't protest when they lead him to the castle to meet with a king but Hux wasn't impressed as he stepped into the throne room. It almost reminded him of holos he had seen of Naboo in terms of the architecture. He supposed all he could was wait for this king though he bristled at the idea of having to wait for someone else, especially if they had somehow managed to kidnap him.

Establishing boundaries would be important and Hux decided to take a seat on the empty throne, crossing his legs casually as he waited. There would be no doubt who was in charge here. He slipped out his datapad to pull up information while he waited, glad it worked but he couldn't connect to anything which was frustrating.
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Aragorn might be drawn by raised voices, to one of the rooms of Healing in Imladris. One voice was Elrond's, the other would be that of a stranger. If the Man approached the room, he'd hear Elrond threatening {in Quenya, rather than Sindarin} the stranger with singing him asleep if he kept struggling and trying to flee.

If Aragorn crept a bit closer... he'd hear a sigh and the strange voice softened, affection touching the wry answer. "You would. Very well. Do as you wish."

There was quiet after that, only the familiar soft sounds of the Master Healer at work in fixing up the wounds of any who came injured to the Valley. Eventually Elrond left, sweeping down the halls away, leaving the Healing room swathed in warm, healing energy.
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Gemini wasn't at all sure how she'd got into this world. The first thing she remembered was waking up on a snowy mountain peak, green plains stretching as far as the eye could see to the north and rolling hills with many rivers to the south.

Taking to the air as a falcon she had followed the mountains east until a stone city had come into view. It was not what she had expected. Had she gone back in time to the middle-ages? Her grasp of history was not strong, although as she switched to a smaller avian form to land unnoticed, based on the clothing and the appearance of the buildings that seemed the best bet, everyone seemed human at least so she must be somewhere on Earth.

After several hours spent wandering the streets in the form of a dog, Gemini had no intention of blending in amongst the throng. A woman of her talents demanded a certain level of luxury! So she'd oozed into one of the stone city's mansions and killed the owner as he slept, using his appearance to question his servants and learn more about the world she'd appeared in.

A few days spent at court and she soon realised there was someone much better she could be. Someone with more power, wealthier by far and an appearance she wouldn't mind wearing over her current chunky unattractive male form.

She felt like she was going to quite enjoy being Queen Arwen Evenstar. For now though she as Lord Haldon strode unhurriedly in the darkening evening back towards his mansion in the sixth circle from his attendance at council, trying not to make an expression of disgust as her boot shaped feet squished in a pile of horse droppings.