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That sword had served Maedhros well, he relied on it just as he relied on his brother. The battle he'd been in had been necessary. Helping at the edges, where reinforcements might be bogged down before they could even reach their comrades. Then he had taken more wounds than normal and lost consciousness, finding himself picked up by the same people he'd protected and brought to the last place he felt he should be.

Imladris. He'd woken to find Elrond himself tending him. Hence the half-hearted arguing before he'd caved to his foster-son's stubborn mercies.

The familiar eyes startled him and he had to wonder. Elrond's own concern shined in this youth and he could only respond to it. "You are not."

A smile touched weary eyes, his lips twitched. "Estel? An interesting name."
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And Elros, the Elf suspected. Those eyes were too close to the twins' to not be descended from one. Maedhros held himself still under the gentle touches, expression unreadable.

"Lord Elrond ensured I am not." Not enough to speak of. "Then your arrival here signified estel for him. I think it appropriate." The likely connection to Elros alone would make it so.
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The salve wasn't technically necessary, but Maedhros recognized Aragorn felt the need to do something, anything. And it was soothing, he recognized Elrond's mix in the effect.

That proved his theory. He'd been there that day too. But his efforts had been in vain and he'd yet to forgive himself his failure. If not for Elrond's own sons... "I am grateful you and your mother were not slain."

Elrond had always been kind, even when he had less reason to be.
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That was a trait they shared. Resting was never easy for Maedhros. Hunting was as close as he tended to get, as he waited and watched his intended target - either for food or Agents of Shadow. And it was why Elrond had to threaten him with Songs of Sleep before he stayed still long enough for Healing.

"The pain of the heart takes many," he responded softly, understanding clear in his eyes. "I am sure you help more than you might believe.

"You have not heard my name because I have not given it. Nor should I, for I would not wish more harm to come here than it may already." Which might give his identity away, depending what Aragorn has learned. "We were. I fear I am not a good patient."
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The missing right hand was glaringly obvious, even tucked under the sheet as it was. Along with the bright red hair and undeniable height. Maedhros only hoped his name was not spoken aloud while he was within the protective borders of Imladris.

He saw that fear and answered it silently with an apologetic look. "That is the wish of many. Remind her she is loved. That is the best thing for her." He didn't need to see the Lady to know that much.

His lips quirked ruefully. "Lord Elrond. I cannot deny him anything, even now." He didn't deny it. "Unfortunately he knows it." So wry, but there was undeniable affection that took a spot in his voice.

"This time he threatened with enforced Healing Sleep before I held still for him."
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Elrond had faith in his ability to keep the Valley safe, strong in protective magics, and the skill of his patrols. At the least for a time. Maedhros wasn't convinced he wasn't dooming everyone around, but he was powerless around Elrond.

"I am sure you do well by her, Estel."

Did he dare speak of his foster-son's childhood? Eventually he shook his head. "I dare not speak of it. If you wish to know, you will need to ask him yourself."

A faint grin suddenly appeared. "Indeed. You can see why I gave in to his wishes."
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"That makes you uncomfortable," the Elf observed gently. "Elrond would not lie about such an important charge. If he kept your true identity from you, it was for your own safety."

Maedhros didn't quite shrug, deciding moving less was best for the time being {namely so Elrond might fuss less}. "That is no shameful thing." Even elflings need sleep!

"Thank you," he looked over at the familiar blade. "I have had it for some centuries, despite its appearance. Such is the might of an Elven-made blade. One of my brothers once made it for me."
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"Did it make you angry?" No judgement or accusation. Maedhros nodded, agreeing with the logic. A solid childhood was important. He hoped that somehow he and Maglor had given Elrond and Elros that much.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed over. You looked at those around you and believed there was nothing different between you. That you were, presumably, treated the same, speaks highly of all."

There was a second nod. "His skill was close to that of my own adar."
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Maedhros knew children. It may have been a couple Ages since he last cared for any himself, but he had not forgotten how they could be. "And are you angry still? You should know by now he loves you." Again, he didn't need to see how they interacted. Even the long years between when he and Maglor had raised Elrond and Elros, he knew Elrond.

"You have a wise heart." He could see Elros in this Man, clearer than ever. It had to be impossible for Elrond not to love him. "Family is important to Lord Elrond. Distance means little.

A raised brow. "And why not? Some need an ear to listen to. I do not mind." Though Aragorn's mother might, if she knew he was there.
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Ada. Maedhros heard so many echoes between this Child and Elrond and Elros. And he'd heard of such a Ranger, though only now did he put a name to the nameless.

"Your fear is what drives you out to fight, to help however you can," he softly observed. "As I would expect from any of your heritage. As with most, it has it's good and bad. Do you not have good ground upon which to stand?" Elrond. "Trust in those who love you. I expect you will leave when you realize it is time for you to do so.

"My ills are inconsequential." And self-inflicted.
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"Lord Elrond has grown wise and knows the heart of those under his care. Do you not trust his opinion?" Maedhros was content to stay still, watching Aragorn. "You would not take your subjects for granted, I think." Just as Elros hadn't.

"Most will, yes." Did he dare offer? A sigh. How could he not? When this Man claimed his ills weren't unimportant, with a stare that looked into his very heart.

"I will fight and stand at your side, if you ask it of me. I would not think less of you if you decide having one such as I is too dangerous." Then he would continue as he had been. Fighting where he was needed, leaving no name and little stain.
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Maedhros answered with a wry little smile. "Good. Keep testing yourself. Only remember that while the blood of Isildur lives on in you, so to does the blood of Elros. And he was a very fine Elf before he was a very good Man." Fire glittered in pale eyes. "Sauron will have to go through me to get you." Whether he stood at Aragorn's side or not.

The barest of snorts, not something one would expect from an Elf. He didn't try to sit up, though he didn't protest Aragorn sitting down on the bed. There was no physical discomfort. Memory cast his gaze into the past, and he thought carefully. "Because of the wrong I did Elrond and Elros. Because of the love I bear them." He focused on Aragorn. "And because I can see you are one who is worthy of loyalty. I would fight for you regardless," he admitted with a faint smile. "It is your choice whether I do so openly or out of sight, as I have been fighting these many years."

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