rangerandking: (↠ weighed down)
Aragorn II Elessar ([personal profile] rangerandking) wrote 2016-11-07 06:45 am (UTC)

Aragorn grabbed some salve from the bedside table and began to apply it lightly to the cuts on Maedhros's face. Any stinging would be numbed instantly and the mixture gave off a cool, clean scent meant to soothe.

"I think it the other way around." he had only recently learned of his parentage and his...destiny.

"Without his kindness, my mother and I would have been slain by Orcs too."

Though he had been so young, he had memories of that day. Elrond had looked so angry, so fierce when he addressed his sons for information. Aragorn had been half-frightened of him and clinging to Gilraen's skirt. But then the Elven Lord had turned and given him such a sweet, yet somehow sad smile that he had gone to him instantly.

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