rangerandking: (↠ challenge)
Aragorn II Elessar ([personal profile] rangerandking) wrote 2016-11-07 04:44 am (UTC)

"I did not bring you here; nor did my people." he rested a hand, almost lazily on Andúril's hilt, ready to draw the blade, "I suggest you stop blaming those not responsible for your current predicament. We will get much farther if you tell me more about you and what you recall."

He was sorely tempted to summon his guards and be rid of this...headache of a Man. If he was a Man.

"You are welcome to examine the maps in the library. However most of them are in Elvish." which would require cooperation, "I seek to help you; not hinder you. Do you think I spend my days kidnapping those I do not know for no purpose?"

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