rangerandking: (↠ veiled anger)
Aragorn II Elessar ([personal profile] rangerandking) wrote 2016-11-07 04:29 am (UTC)

Wow. Random h! How dare you creep into Aragorn's name. >8(

So he was impudent. Aragorn was not impressed and he considered leaving this one to the prison cells deep within the city, however he was not a King who made such decisions when frustrated. Instead, he stiffened his back, lips pressed into a thin line.

"We have no use for you." he wondered if this was some sort of...malevolent spirit...in the form of a Man. Who else would behave so poorly?

"Star system?" no, this wasn't getting better, "You are on Arda or Middle Earth. We have named some of the stars, but even the Elves do not know of star systems."

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