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He goes out into the Wild to learn what it is to be a Man, and more, to learn how to be a leader of Men, one who his people will follow, to death or glory.

It is necessary.

She knows this.

For centuries every Dunedain mother, every Dunedain wife, has faced this same abyss, to guard the home while her loved ones go out. For centuries, Dunedain women have let their sons and daughters and husbands and brothers go to war, and waited.

It makes the waiting no easier.

Aragorn goes out into the Wild and every time he returns Gilraen is a little more worn, a little more tired, a little more old.

But she still manages to smile for him when he comes home.

"Welcome home, Aragorn."

Her hands are still firm, but there is a tremor to them now, that was not there when he left.

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