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Mailbox/Voicemail {Ruby City}

"Tell me what is on your mind."

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I need to ask you something.

[Glorfindel's expression is serious, this is not a social call but he looks on edge, right now he's attempting to keep Maglor from doing something horrible and he needs help.]

Maedhros has gone missing and I need to know if you are aware if he and Thranduil have crossed the paths. Have you heard anything?
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He is not in a good state. I found him heading towards the forest, with a sword.

[Glorfindel is relieved by what Aragorn tells him though, letting out a breath. There is still a worry of what Maglor may do but at least his worst fear that there had already been an encounter is put to rest.]

Keep him there, we will not tell this to Maglor, in case he decides not to listen to me and go to the forest.

I am going to do everything I can to find Maedhros. Apparently he vanished from the house and Maglor cannot find him. His belongings are still here so hopefully we will find him.
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[Glorfindel doesn't need to elaborate what could have happened. Whether it was Thranduil or Maglor who was slain, it would have had horrible consequences to say the least. ]

He blames himself but I have tried to tell him that people do return but I do not believe he is in a state to truly listen. But I will do my best to calm him down, just- [He saw the same madness in Feanor, he saw how much destruction it caused and he refuses to let that happen. Not again.][Glorfindel looks slightly uneasy, if Maedhros comes back with knowledge of the Oath or the Doriath kinslaying, that could cause problems.]
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Thank you, Aragorn.

[Glorfindel looks less on edge now, smiling softly even.]

I will do so and I will do my best to keep you updated as to what is happening. For now I have gotten him to promise to not go into the forest or seek Thranduil out.
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I am alright. I just do not wish to see yet another kinslaying before my eyes. Last time I stood by and did nothing but I will not make the same mistake again.

[Glorfindel took a deep breath but smiled at the concern.]

I may come over after Thranduil leaves then, if you would not mind the company.