rangerandking: (↠ taken aback)
Aragorn II Elessar ([personal profile] rangerandking) wrote 2015-05-13 08:53 am (UTC)


I see why you feared the worst. {His heart skips a beat at what could have happened.} Thank you for intervening. Considering how young Maedhros is, Maglor will feel even more guilty for losing him.

{Not that it makes logical sense. But madness and paranoia are rarely logical.}

Thranduil has his own demons to contend with, I think. Centuries have passed for him. But our friendship seems to strengthen in the future.

{A nice surprise for him. No matter what, he knows the Elven King has a good heart and he respects him for all he has endured and how stubbornly he guards his people.}

I will request he stays longer if he comments about leaving. {His brow furrows thoughtfully.} I believe the same happened to Thranduil...? For a week? He could return.

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